Pokies Glossary – Common Pokies Terms and Definitions

All Ways – Allows you to win in all directions, instead of only the lines you have bet on

Bonus Feature – A reward activated by a specific reel sequence to reward the player, usually in the form of bonus spins or a sub-game

Cardies – Video poker machines, often found in pubs

Cascading Wilds – Wild symbols show up and are replaced by more wild symbols

Classic Slots – Pokie machine without any extra features, usually with one payout line.

Click and Pick/Click and Win – A feature that allows the placement of random bets with a click of a button.

Coins – Metal coins that are used for payout, that can be redeemed for Australian Dollars

Comps – Rewards and benefits given to guests of a casino, usually in the form of complimentary drinks, food or rooms

Credits – Each credit represents an amount of money used to play

Double Feature – An additional chance to win on a pokie, which costs additional to play

Double Up – Doubling your bet amount in order to increase your winnings

EGM – Electronic Gaming Machine

Expanding Wilds – A feature allowing a wild to be expanded to adjacent wheels to increase the odds of a win

Extra Bet – An additional bet which can increase a winning amount exponentially

Fixed Jackpot – A jackpot amount that is not affected by the time since last payout, nor the number of players

Free Spins – An extra spin at no cost to the player, usually given as part of a win or double feature

Fruit Machine – British slang for a Pokie

Gamble – To bet your winnings on the next play

Half Gamble – To bet half of your winnings on the next play

High Volatility – Gaming with high risk and potential for high wins

Hits – Slang for spins

Instant Play – Non-downloadable gaming, usually in the form of flash

Jackpot – A substantial reward given to a player after a win

Jackpot Link – Progressive jackpot that is influenced by multiple locations

Lines – Adjacent reel positions that can affect a win, each costs additional to bet

Loose Slots – Pokies that are generous in payout, or easy to win

Low Volatility – Games with lower financial risk

Max Bet – Largest amount of money that can be wagered on a single spin

Multi-Game – Pokies that have multiple game options available to choose from

Multiplier – Increasing a bet exponentially

One-Armed Bandit – A term referring to a live, traditional pokie with a side arm lever

Payout – Winnings distributed to a player

Payout Percentage – The percentage of funds taken in by the machine that are paid out to players

Pay Table – A display of all recent winners and prizes

Payline – The reel line that creates a win

Penny Slots – Pokies that are low risk, require minimum funds to play

Poker Machines – Pokies, also known as fruit machines or one armed bandits

Pokies – Slot machines including video poker, general term for gambling games

Progressive Slots/Jackpot – The amount of money available for winning accumulates over time and with the number of players contributing

Random Feature – A bonus feature given at random

Random Jackpot – A jackpot given at random, regardless of the reels

RNG – Random Number Generator that affects gaming outcomes

Re-spin – Reels remain in place while others spin to create a new combination

Reels – Real or virtual wheels that spin, revealing a variety of patterns to create a gaming outcome

RTP – Return to Player

Scatter – A special symbol that will payout anywhere on the reels

Second Chance Feature – An additional play after a loss

Stacked Wild – A feature that allows the wild to benefit the play in adjacent reel positions

Shifting Reels – A feature that allows an adjacent reel to shift, creating an additional win

Sticky Wild – Allows a wild to stay in place while the other reels spin

Symbols – Images on the reels that align in different ways and affect game play

Tight Slot – Slot machines that don’t pay well or are difficult to win

Trailing Wild – A wild that copies itself and moves down one position on the next reel after a spin

Wild Multiplier – Allows the wild to multiply its benefit

Wild Symbol – A symbol that can be substituted for a beneficial symbol to help a player win

Winning Combination – Images on the reels that results in a payout or other play reward